The WordPress Theme
nobody asked for

a theme for developers

This theme is made for developers. For people who want to code – or are ready to give it a try.

It’s easier than you think.

a theme to customize

The CSS is written with low specificity in mind. So it is easy to override the default styling with your own.

Or just use bootstrap, tailwind etc. It’s up to you

a theme that doesn’t suck

…that much. Well it’s still under development, but you can give it a try. Just don’t look at the git commits 😉

But why?

After learning HTML/CSS (decades ago) I started to use WordPress as a CMS. But man would I quickly realize, that I cannot easily make a Website in HTML/CSS and use the same structure and class names in WordPress.

I’ve tried different starter and blank themes, but none of them fully satisfied my needs. So I thought

Yeah, well, I’m gonna go build my own theme park with blackjack and hookers

Bender, Futurama