WordPress sucks!

Let’s learn how to deal with it

You have no idea what you’re doing?

Why pay somebody to do the work for you if you can do it yourself, right?

Sure! Let me show you how to do that for FREE!!!

It will cost you a lot of time and energy.

You know WordPress already?

You know WordPress sucks but you still wanna give it a try?

Learn how to use WordPress without Page Builders.

It might still suck tho.

You wanna deep dive into the madness?

You’re creative, you wanna stand out! You wanna push the limits?

Prepare yourself to customize your own theme.

You’ll regret this decision soon.

bender by Vectors Point from the Noun Project

about me

I love HTML/CSS. I do like teaching, but I hate to repeat myself. That’s why I’m writing this blog to teach others how to deal with the usual problems I encounter working with WordPress.

So that you don’t have to suffer (as much) as I did.
But you’re still going to suffer.

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