install wordpress locally

I’ve used different software in the past to develop wordpress themes like xampp, mampp etc. But it was quite difficult to manage multiple projects. It took me 5-10 minutes to create a new project. With local by flywheel I just need a minute to get started.

Download local by flywheel

With local by flywheel you can add and manage wordpress sites with ease. Just download local by flywheel here

Install local by flywheel

The installation process is really easy. Just like any other software you have to choose where to save the program, agree to terms & conditions and grant access through firewall.

Create your first project

After the installation you can run local by flywheel and create your first wordpress project.

The default settings are fine. No need to adjust anything unless you know what you’re doing.

Choose the name of the website (this can still be changed later).

Create an admin user by adding username and password. (don’t use admin as username and choose a secure password)

Now that you’ve created your first project, you can take a look at your wordpress site. Be sure that the dot next to your project name is green. That indicates, that the site is running. You can run multiple projects at the same time. But I would stop projects, that you are not working on.

Click the “open site” button to get to your wordpress site.

The site domain can still be changed in the project settings. In this example it is “project.local”. You can also open your wordpress site by adding the site domain in the url.

If you want to access the wordpress dashboard you can click on “admin” or add “/wp-admin” to the url. In this example I would write “project.local/wp-admin” in the browser url bar to access the wordpress login page.

Log in to your wordpress site with the username and password that you used when creating the project.

That’s it for now. You’ve successfully installed local by flywheel and created a wordpress project.

Host your site on local by flywheel

local by flywheel also offers a managed WordPress hosting. If you decide to host your site on local by flywheel you can easily migrate your local installation to your host with this software.

Here’s the sponsored link to the hosting plans: